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 We are yCea

YCEA Negotiations Team

The Negotiations Team works on our behalf to survey the membership, report to the Executive Board, and to bargain a collective bargaining agreement with the District. The members of the YCEA Negotiations Team are:

                                  Negotiations Chair                  Team Member                    Team Member

                                           Tara Bickford                          Randy Peters                    Yvonne Heaney   

                                                        Tara teaches at                                           Randy teaches at                                  Yvonne teaches at

                                                      Chapman Heights                               Mesa View Middle School                   Dunlap Elementary School

                                                     Elementary School                                                                  

                                                                                        Team Member                       Team Member                   

                                                                 John DeVries                         JoAnn Labani                    

                                                                                           John teaches at                                          JoAnn teaches at                                    

                                                                                       Yucaipa High School                           Wildwood Elementary School